Whats going on TS5 developing?

I would like to ask what’s going with TS5 developing? It’s been a while and nothing new is in TS5, many beta only with fixes, but client is missing so many features. Long time ago staff was talking about it, now it’s everything silent and every few weeks there are some bug fixed, what about screen share and stuff like that?

I’m huge fan of TS5, but I think developing is the way too slow… Any feedback from developing staff, what’s going on?



It is too slow! Development should not take this long. They are just bringing old features from teamspeak 3 to the new client :frowning: Where are the new features ??

The client does contain some new features and is getting updated almost weekly.

In progress… just be patient. Besides many fixes, of course, new features are coming up again.

Most of updates are related to bug fixes, there will always be bugs, but we cant judge, its beta. They removed timeline and no new features for more than a half year. I really want that TeamSpeak publishes good updates and put TS client on another level.

For now TS5 is redesigned TS3 with different UI.