Whats my TS3 Server IP!?

It is amazing, you are running a TS3 server on your own machine, but the Software hides the IP where its running. As if it would be Top Secret data - oh sorry we from Teamspeak can’t tell you where the server is running!?

Does anyone understand why Teamspeak makes such a secret around the IP Adresse where its running? Why is all the server stuff secret and not like a normal program. I realy hate the way how they made it.
I had TS3 server and client running 2 month ago, nothing changed, just not used the last time.
Now i start server and client and client says - connection to server failed- waaaaahhhhh
I would like to check the IP adress where the server is running but i failed. I see the TS3 server icon but not more!
Why the hell can’t this server show the IP when hoovering over the Icon next to the clock. Why are there zero options when i open the server!

Is it just me or is the way how TS3 server is developed nothing but unlogic stuff?

My plan is to get the other PCs in my lan connected to this server.

ok one step forward, with localhost i am able to connect to the TS Server on the machin itself where the server is running.
But on the other PCs in my lan, can i also use localhost or would i need an IP Adress instead…?

If you use localhost as the server,your IP of teamspeak is your real IP.

We are not hiding the IP. The server just does not care on default settings and listens to all IPs your network device and OS deliver.

So you must know any of the IP you got when you host something which only runs locally and doesn’t connect to any service to get an IP or account number to share.

Press Win and the R key at the same time
Type cmd and press OK
Now type ipconfig
Select the one with 192… This is the one for LAN connection.