When i try to join a server, Teamspeak freezes and my whole PC doesnt have any Sound

I dont know how to fix it… Everytime i join a Server, Teamspeak freezes and the no respond window opens… even my whole PC has no audio anymore and i cant even play Youtube Videos and i dont know why. Just tried to test my mic in the options and even there it freezes…does anybody have an idea what problem that is?

What is operating system?

Windows 11

There can be a lot of issues…

  • Drivers
  • Playback device
  • Sound levels

Do you know a way to effectifly check them? I dont know anything in that direction… :c

Right click on Sound icon in the lower right corner of the screen and press Sounds, then check the list above that I already wrote.

Checked it and everything seems fine

Check sound driver


Check all of them but it updated not a singe one :confused:

It is always important to show the client log for such issue.
In most cases it shows what went wrong.

You also may try to find out which device does cause this. Disable All and Enable them step by step and try out which device will stop here.

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