When to wait for the unban?

I can’t log in to the teamspeak forum under my account, but I logged in to myteamspeak without any problems. Nickname Without_jamb. Have I been blocked on the teamspeak forum? When to wait for the unban?

What does it say on your title screen?

[email protected] account blocked on the forum

Then please contact the TeamSpeak Support for this or the Forum Administrator. @ScP

Thank you

Due the posts and account information you got reported and I did agree and removed the account from our forum. Such bans are permanent by default.

Any explanation why all of your posts looked like spam / advertising?


I’m sorry, it was an accident. I’m ashamed, is there any way to restore my account? :cold_sweat:

You are unbanned, but will have an :eye: on you.


Thank you teamspeak administration. The most fair and honest of all :grin: :sparkling_heart:

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