Where are Teamspeak server chat logs stored, and how can I delete them?

There are too many chat logs and I want to delete them.

The Teamspeak client I’m currently using is the beta version CLIENT 64-BIT 5.0.0-beta77, while the server is running SERVER 64-BIT 3.13.7.

Chat messages sent on a TeamSpeak server are stored in the settings.db

The chat history cannot be deleted in TeamSpeak. If you really want to delete this file you should know that your login data, settings and other things stored on that Database will be reset to default!

You should keep that in mind and edit this file on your own risk!

Questions regarding editing a Database will not be answered

File Paths:

Windows: %appdata%\TeamSpeak\Default
Linux: ~/.config/TeamSpeak/Default
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/TeamSpeak/Default


Thank you very much for your response. So, if I understand correctly, the logs are stored on the host computer, right? I did find the chat logs under the directory in Windows, but I couldn’t locate the directory you mentioned on the Linux server.

They are stored locally and not on the Server. The Linux path is for Linux Clients.