Where can i choose/change the Audio Codec to Opus Music Codec?


i have a question. I use Teamspeak for make music with my friend who live 700 km away from me. We work with mac and use logic x. Sounddriver to send i created with loopback. (For mixing micro and the Logic App)

I realized that the sound is not stereo, and the quality is not the best.(high frequences are not clear)
I ask my Server hoster how can i make the quality better and how to send the sound in Stereo. He wrote me that i should choose Opus Music Codec. And this codec should be stereo.

I cant find any properties to change Opus Music Codec in TS5 and TS3.
Only what i found in TS3 is to change a mono sound to Stereo sound.
But it`s not what i imagine.

What should i do to get the better sound and choose Opus Music?


There is no setting needed.

Opus Music is stereo in general as long the input (the client that sends audio) does have a source that is stereo.
Only then other clients can hear stereo instead of mono.

We do not suggest to use Opus Music when talking to others!


Does this mean that there is no longer the possibility to change the Audio codec settings and adjust the audio bandwidth?

To change the codec for a Channel in TS5, Right Click it, select EditAudio Codec and select the preferred coded from the drop down menu


In TS3 you need to Right Click the Channel → Edit ChannelAudio → and select the Codec from the drop down menu


If you cannot select them or they do not appear like on the pictures below, you will have to get in contact with your Hoster as they have limited your Permissions so that you cannot change the codec.


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I just answered the Stereo part.

You still can choose what codec and what quality you want.

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thank you. it`s right i have no permissions to create a channel. Therefore i can not edit a channel.