Where is the option to put a Recovery Key?

Hello, do you guys know where is the function to put a Recovery Key?

And, why in my PC the myteamspeak does not syncronize and with my iOS App it syncronizes perfectly?

If you mean how to get new recovery key:

Options then myTeamSpeak, you’ll see on the right “New recovery Key”

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Hello, I meant how to apply the Key that I already have?

If you did reset the password you should get this notification when you sign-in in TS3:

When you click on it there’s an option to apply the key:



The problem is that its not popping up any of those notifications. And the Syncronization on my PC doesn’t work but in my Phone works. Its really weird.

I’m having the same problem, I have reset my password but nothing popps up, I can’t find my old identities and my badges doesn’t show up on client’s “configure badges” window. But I can see my badges on webpage.

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I had TS3 on a computer and have the recovery key from the installation. I then installed TS3on a new computer, but had to reset the password. Now I want to use my recovery key, where do I enter it?

There should be a system notification you can click on, when you start the client.
If not there still should be a little icon in the bottom right corner (I think it’s something like this: :warning: )
And when you click on it it should prompt you to enter the key.

Thanks; no notification, but an ! in a blue box in the bottom RH corner brings up the field to enter the key. Again, many thanks.