Whisper and open the teamspeak page

How Can I adjust the teamspeak to whisper dont close the minimize the game and open the teamspeak with the list of teamspeak.

I can answer that part but the rest makes no sense in the same sentence without any point and comma in it. Please give us more details.

Open Tools > Whisper Lists and here create yourself a list and set hotkeys.


Sorry. The teamspeak minimizes the game (Tibia) and shows a screen with a window with whispers. How I adjust this, to not minimizes Tibia when I am playing.

possible reasons are

  • The game is not running in full screen
  • A driver or 3rd party software interacts here
  • could also be a QT thing (we use use), but iā€™m not sure at all.

By turning it off in the settings it should no longer happen


I always playing in full screen.
I disabled this option, but still happens. I died in tibia now because of this.