Whisper Keys

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When programing a hotkey for Whispering specific clients from your whisper lists how come you can program a key combination, and only 1 key? It means I end up hitting every time I type?

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This is unfortunately not really intuitive.
But rather easy!


Add a new item to the whisper list and assign a random hotkey!


Go to the Hotkey settings. There you can find the newly created whisper item:


Edit this and set a new hotkey.

Please move this thread to the TeamSpeak 3 client topic as you are not referring to the all new TeamSpeak client.

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Why so complicated? You can do the same in whisperlist without opening hotkeys.
When setting up a whisper list just press 2 or more keys when getting asked for a key or combination.


when I tried yesterday this did not work for me

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