Whisper List not loading

I am trying to config my whisper list but is not loading, I am connected to a server and all, buttons are not loading, only cancel button, please help

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Hi ts community
i have a small problem, related with whisper list
After then i updated my ts to the last version my whisper list lagged and i can’t do anything in that list
The same thing with bookmarks, but problem with them activates after then i opening laged whisper list

U see that?! whisper don’t work!! Pls I need help for this now!

We don’t know why this happens to some users.

Please read everything below first before you do anything else!

Try to start the client with a fresh database.
Rename the settings.db and then start the client again.

The file can be found under:


Do not delete the file or will loose all data in case you haven’t synced anything!

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I had the name of this file with some numbers, like a date of some kind, I deleted these numbers from the name, but visper did not start working.

It must be settings.db not settings.db_pre-sync_xxxx or settings_x.db.
You renamed the write file when client starts and asks your for data etc.

You may don’t see known file endings (disabled on Windows by default)

Here are all the files that I have in the folder that I need to rename?

settings in your case. You do not see the .db as mentioned before.

btw if that does not help, please go up a folder and rename TS3client folder for testing.

I renamed this file, but the system created another one , in the end all the settings fell off, but the visper did not work. The folder is also renamed, the system creates the same.

Yes the creation of the folder and settings.db file is intended.
You can rename both back if that did not help.

I’m lost with my ideas if that did not change anything.
What graphics card do you have and is it’s up to date (i mean updated at least within last 366 days)?

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660

Do you know when this error will be fixed?

Fixing something we can not reproduce or have no clue why this happens to some users is not easy.