What do I need to do to make my whispers hearable when I create the list with the hotkey?
Do I need to hold that hotkey down with the push-to-talk key bind?

You only hold the Hotkey for whispering as long you want to whisper.


Do I need to add anymore keybinds to make the whisper work because I don’t think people can hear me

  • Your whisper power must be equal target clients needed whisper power.
  • You must be in a channel where you can talk.
  • You must have enough talk power for target channels.
  • You must have a whisper list with targets set.
  • The shown hotkey profile must be set in your bookmark or server connection.
  • You should talk while holding the whisper key.
  • You can only whisper to one list at the time.
  • Target User(s) do not have block whispers enabled or set for friends contacts.
    Or you are a contact and contact only is enabled.
  • OR target does have you as contact and not blocked.

Can I have steps on how to get whispers to work as I would have perm to speak

Setting Up Whispering

To set up Whispering, navigate to Tools in the toolbar at the top of your TeamSpeak screen. Then, from the drop-down menu, find and select Whisper Lists . It should have a headphone icon. Another way to access Whisper Lists is via a keyboard shortcut. Press Ctrl +Shift+W to automatically bring up this menu.

To set things up, you’ll have to mess around with macros. Don’t worry, if this sounds complicated, but anyone can do it.

In the window that popped up when you opened Whisper Lists, you’ll see “Whisper Lists” towards the top and a blank “No items in this panel…” box. Towards the bottom of the box, you’ll see a “ New ” command. Click it. Now, you’re going to set the hotkey combination that will allow you to Whisper on TeamSpeak. Once you’ve created the hotkey, it will appear in the Whisper Lists box to the left.

Go to the Whisper to: box in the middle of the Whisper Lists window. Here, you can select whether you want to use this command to communicate with Clients & Channels or with Groups. Select Clients & Channels, and you’ll see a list on the right side of the Whisper Lists window. Open the Contacts or other team groupings to find the individual to whom you want to assign the Whisper command.

Once you’ve found the user, drag and drop their entry into the middle box. You have assigned a Whisper function to an individual on TeamSpeak.

Instead of adding a client (individual) to a Whisper list, you can assign the hotkey to an entire channel. To do this, in the right box, expand the Channels entry and select the desired channel. Then, drag and drop that channel to the middle box.

You can Whisper to multiple individuals and channels by assigning more than one entry to a hotkey. To Whisper to select groups, change the Whisper to: settings to Groups instead of Clients & Channels. Then, follow the same assigning principle.

I hope thats help you out here. :slight_smile:

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Would the replay hotkey need to be the same?

You can the desired hotkey you want to use


image Is this it? or do i need to do some more stuff

Or can someone please tell me if this is right or not?

This is a list with targets (Channels in your case) and users in that channel will hear it when you press the # key.
As long the other mentioned “must haves” from me still are the case.

Question: Have you tried it or why you ask us?


I have tried it, Chris

Does it work?

Now it does thanks guys

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I got whispers to work but someone is receiving them from another channel where I don’t have that channel on the list. How do I make so they stop hearing it