White space in files/folders name break ts3image url

Hi !
Since the last update 5.0.0-beta71, some images in some channels are no longer displayed.
I found out that when we use a white space in the path for ts3image url inside a [IMG] tag, it stops working.

[IMG]ts3image://Employee_lounge_1.jpg?channel=656&path=/Employee-lounge[/IMG] <- still working
[IMG]ts3image://Employee_lounge_2.jpg?channel=656&path=/Employee lounge[/IMG] <- stop working since b71

And a visual bug sometimes the image is rendered like this:

and sometimes like this:

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Also happens b70. But image still shows when it was cached before.

When path (folders) has a space in name.

Will send that to devs.

That’s not a bug when you change the size of the client.

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Ok thanks !

I know, but it happened without changing the size of the client.

Ok, i assumed because both images look like dialog has different size (when i look at the name top left and icons top right).

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My bad I resize the screenshot.