Whitelist query ip that is running on a home NOIP based setup

Hello :smile:

Currently, I moved all my bots server setup to a home based Raspberry one. My home public ip is not a static one, so it gets updated every x time. I currently use NO.IP service.
My TeamSpeak server is hosted on a third party DDOS protected server.

What would be the best method in order to prevent my running bots from being flood banned when the IP address changes?

Create a simple script using dig for Linux or nslookup for Windows to resolve your NO-IP domain name.
Let the script update your query_whitelist.txt file periodically.

The TeamSpeak server updates itโ€™s whitelist every time the file will be changed (immediately).

Thatโ€™s the easiest method in my mind and how I handle this, too.

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