Why can't teamspeak files be installed on web hosting?


Why can’t teamspeak files be installed on web hosting? Thus, interruptions caused by DDoS or other problems will be minimized. Wouldn’t that be a good thing?

Guess because these kind of ‘functions’ were never supported or were not necessary.
Please note that you have to submit this as an suggestion, if you’d wish to have this feature due the next updates.

Well I can understand that TeamSpeak Servers are very popular targets for those dumb DDoS attacks but as I told it in one of my last posts before: DDoS attacks have to be fixed, filtered or firewalled on your own server and not while using the TeamSpeak server software directly.

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I’m not just talking about DDoS attacks. In case of data center outages, it can be avoided. Because web hosting can work with backup

Because TeamSpeak server is not quite your usual PHP website.

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