Why does TeamSpeak copy Discord?

Ask why Teamspeak 5 is actually 100% based on discord or is at least designed in this way due to the setting options Create Channel Assign rights Why haven’t you thought about anything else?

In my opinion there is a big difference between Discord and Teamspeak. How would you like to have it? Most of the mentioned stuff is like you see it in TS3 the Settings are mostly the same, the Group assignment Process… Next time try to be a bit more respectful because the Team is working hard on the Client.


It’s like you ask why Discord is based on Slack :see_no_evil: (yes Slack is older)

Our goal isn’t to copy Discord and we are not based on Discord.


In my opinion TS just respond to the actual ask.
Yes discord has good feature.
But TS with some feature of discord or any other app will be surely better.
They are just adding some social things that people are asking and begging since a long time.


Well, you also have to consider that this vertical design is neither created nor claimed by Discord. Just if you mean the basic construction of the client with its three columns.


Discord is more like a social media platform while TS stayed true to its cause. I don’t need all that fancy chat, store and whatnot, I just want to talk to my friends… And you’re not being spied on by a shady company like Discord.


This response is on-point. There’s no VoIP solution at the present that isn’t similar to something else, yet they’re all unique on their own.

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I hate all people that say that TeamSpeak is trash or a clone…

Discord is so laggy and payment obsessed.
This is the Reason for me to say TeamSpeak is not a Discord Clone.

As a said in a Thread before, if you calculate TeamSpeak with a cheap VPS and a License you are much cheaper on the road as Discord with his Nitro Boosts.

TeamSpeak5 is my Dream of VOIP Clients, sadly “Nobody” use it at this Time.

I don’t think that you are in the Beta Program, because then you would see the World in other Eyes.

It’s not only the Design which makes me happy, the Quality and the implementation or handling of the Opus Codec is much better, in my Ears about 40-50%, I use TeamSpeak every day for hearing Music, because it’s better to Stream with a Bot in contrast to Discord Music Bots or Browser Streaming.

All people who say that TeamSpeak is trash and the Devs making nothing are stupid, I know what hard work is that to Work in a small group and bring some big Application to Market.


Telling in short:


People seems to like chatting, along with talking, on a centralized services like Slack, Discord, or even Guilded (who btw wants to be where Discord effectively failed). At least I see such trend.


You think discord is lazy and why Teamspeak can’t
make servers to be done for free.
Discord doesn’t fly like your beloved Teamspeak 3.
Dude, on discord, you can upgrade the server and don’t make you buy slots or extend the server for ■■■■ not messenger.
For me, the messenger should be for everyone in one place for free. Even teachers use Discord because they know it’s free and they don’t have to spend anything for Teamspeak, I’m not saying that Teams are better than Discord, but the communicator should be free for everyone and not for money if you want to improve the server please I don’t care if someone is spending money on the server.
One upgrade is $ 5 and you spend no more.
On the official website Teamspeak3 there are 1024 slots for 500 dollars, on discord you have no limit of slots for free and you cannot increase the slots on teamspeak. I know that $ 500 is a piece of cake for you guys, but $ 500 every year is sick, and some more licenses and adding music bots is roughly $ 600 every year. Nonsense for me.
For 600 dollars you can have a gym pass or a car fuel or a new bike, but for some server on the messenger you would still have a gym pass and so you have to pay for some server.

Discord has a Slot Limitation, that’s a lie what you say.
TeamSpeak5 had free Servers, which worked perfectly for me and the others.

PS: On your Discord Servers, can you sell your Data directly to big Concerns, at TeamSpeak you have your own Private VM. :kissing_heart:

Give the Team Time, to develop the perfect System, Discord was not finished after 24h, and they had so many Problems in the Start at Discord.


Oh, and I forgot, that you need Nitro for GIF Sticker/Emojis.

At TeamSpeak some Genius Community Member added a new Feature, not payment need :slight_smile:.

It’s not official but Genius :slight_smile:


How can I get that? :slight_smile:

@Gamer92000 can help you


Thx @leon

Sorry i forget to tag him, but Leon does it for me :slight_smile:

It’s not official but its great work :partying_face:


Teamspeak does not copy Discord.
Teamspeak 5 simply adapts to the modern times.


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Today I got TS5 beta badge so I tried it but it is one big dissapointment. It is like Discord without features. Can someone tell me what exactly is the must have TS5 feature or something that should convice someone to use TS5 instead of Dicord? I can not figure it out. Sure TS3 is old but it is solid and stable.
But if the TS future is like TS5 what is the point of using it if you can use Discord that is practically the same but have some extra stuff?
Just to be clear I really dont like Discord but TS5 is just like Discord so if there will be only TS5 in a future why not to use Discord instead?

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hello, stop saying ts5 and discord we have very very far from the account

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TeamSpeak 5 cannot be compared to Discord. There are currently still few features because the client is still in development (closed beta).

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