Why my profile picture doesn't change?

I changed my profile picture in TS5 Client 2 days ago, but on this forum its not changing.
Can someone help me?

Edit: Sorry if this is duplicate of some thread.

Hello, for 3 days, there are MyTeamSpeak identifications problems (and the avatars are linked to MyTeamSpeak accounts with TS5), please try again once the problem is solved.

Thanks for answer, i will try!

The first set picture won’t update. There is currently nothing that will send the updated one to anyone.

This is on our to do for the next beta update (s).


As a workaround. If you have changed your Avatar in the new TeamSpeak Client, then you can re login on the Forum. That will change the Avatar.

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Then how can i set profile picture for this forum?

Change the Avatar in the TeamSpeak 5 Client. Than re login here on the Forum and the Avatar is changed. It worked for me.

Exactly. That’s the way for forum and this still works.
It helps to logout and login again but wait a minute before next login.


it helps, thanks :slight_smile: