Why nickname blacklisted


There is a nickname in the form of “tese3”, I don’t know why it’s on the blacklist. How can i fix this.

Where is this Name blacklisted?

TeamSpeak 3 server. currently pointing at this address “”

Try another Nickname, i cant say why is this Nickname banned.

I had received fake teamspeak service from a different company before. I did this without knowing. When I point this to teamspeak it was blacklisted.
Can you fix this problem? Please.

I am not entirely sure what you try to say.
There is no server running at this address…
If an IP address was blacklisted (apparently not the case here) you need to contact the official TeamSpeak support. (e.g. through the button on the bottom right in the forum)


There is a teamspeak server at this address.

My problem is not with the ip address. My problem is the nickname address is blacklisted and it needs to be removed.

If there is something is blacklisted then it is for a reason and here on forum nobody can answer or help you.

Only the piracy department can see why it got blacklisted.


I didn’t know there was a support system. I left a ticket to this area. Thank you.

Btw why do you think you are blacklisted?

The IP and Server nickname do not seem to have any server running at all.




of course there is a server

Server 3.9.1? Please update to server 3.13.5!! This explains a lot for our clients.

That server version is outdated and we won’t give any support here.
Let’s say: It’s suspicious to run such old server and the chance is low to get removed from blacklist.

Ps if 3.13.5 cause trouble with viewers or yatqa etc use 3.13.6 (this i s an alpha to fix these issues)


I get this service from teamspeak3 sales partner. Company name is climbhost.
Unfortunately, we need to use 3.9.1 for older versions to enter. The version has nothing to do with my problem. I also tried it on the most current version.

So if server is rented. Then the owner of that machine must contact us.


What does the owner of the machine have to do with the issue of alias blacklisting?
alias on my myteamspeak account

IP get blacklisted.
When you connect to a name then there is a IP behind that name and this IP is blacklisted.


I also get a blacklist error when I redirect an alias to an ip address that has not been blacklisted.
The ip address is not blacklisted. Please check “”

Please ask the Sales Support for his Case. They can tell you more about your Problem. :slight_smile:

As said only the host can ask. He isn’t the host.

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