Will the NPL(Non Profit License) automatically renew this year?

So I own a TS Server that gets a few hundred connection a day, peeking at like 120 users on at a time,
with the new licensing system including the “Sponsorship License” I’m concerned that my Non Profit License won’t get renewed this year.

My servers community has been slowly growing with active and loyal players/users over the past few years and it would really suck to get crippled by a 32 user slot limit.

I applied for a Sponsorship Licence about 6 months ago, but I wasn’t accepted.
I think whoever reviewed my case wasn’t happy with my website, I’m currently rebuilding my website, but it’s taking time.

I hope someone can give me some info about my concerns and put my anxieties about this whole thing to rest. :slight_smile: Thank you!


Provided you continue to use your NPL it won’t go away or close anytime soon.

All sponsorship requests at the moment go through: [email protected] so if you’re happy with your new site or at least want Dave @Five_Alive to look at it, then email it across and he’ll go from there.


I know how you feel, I have the same concern. When i applied first time for sponsorship, i just had to banish whole 200+ people clan from my community, because some of their members continuous bad behavior on our voice server and forums. This clan didn’t want to abandon those troublemakers, because “they we’re too good in the game” that they played as competitive team.

That’s a huge relief. :sweat_smile:

Thanks I’ll do that when my site is ready.