Will the TS5 client be free when it was released?

when TeamSpeak 5 is fully completed, it will either be on sale or will be available for free download?

From what we have seen in the past, both TS2 and TS3 were free (unless you’re talking about TS3 Mobile). Every other VoIP software is free too, so why should they charge money, when they earn it by selling licenses.

So yeah, it would be ~100% free, albeit it might be behind paywall when you would want to rent a small server so that you don’t need to do it on your own PC/search for some provider.


As far as my information goes, though I don’t seem to find the sources anymore, TS5 will remain a free software such as TS3. Also, your private “home” license will remain free, however, if you have a larger server you will still need to pay for the license of such server. The free server you get in TS5 is supposed to be available for everyone, however, only with 4 slots, which is quickly too little if you e.g. want to play multiplayer games such as CS, LoL etc. as a whole squad (5 slots required).
Betatesters on the other hand are to still have their 10 slot free server, which you have right now.

In case those informations are wrong or did change by now I am sorry and would also like to get the update.

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I own a serious SA: MP server with 180 players and 100 players on TeamSpeak, so I asked if TeamSpeak 5 would stay free and of course I would pay for the license

As far as my information goes there will be no changes to your ts3 servers. The new client doesn’t affect your server. They might of course at one point add ts5 only servers, but this is not planned yet. Also, as for the ts5 beta servers, if you use ts3 client you can use those servers anyway (E.g. in my group of friends only 2 have ts5, but we all use my beta server which is hosted by TeamSpeak (of course it is the 10 slot one))
If there will be changes in the pricing of the licenses is not known, but I don’t believe so.

Also, but this is my personal interpretation. If the new client was to become a software you have to pay for, ts 3 would definitely still be available for free and be used by a lot of people.

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Thank you :slight_smile: