Will ts3 get markdown support?

as the title ask are there any plans to do so as a server manager i didn’t want to move the server to full markdown until either i find if 3 will support it or 5 is fully released to the public.

This has nothing to do with the server.

TS3 won’t get Markdown support as TS5 won’t get more support for BBCode. This is the current plan.


Sorry @TS.ChrisR i thought i did post to the ts3 client section. thank you for the answer. Are there plains to kill off ts3 once TeamSpeak 5 is finished? as it is now I’m stuck waiting to see which client the community i am part of uses more before making huge changes to the servers layout and descriptions to be fully markdown supported or leave it as the original bbcode we have now.

This was not decided yet when TS3 is no longer maintained.