Windows 11 inspired Light/Dark Skin for TS5

Ah okay I see it with the dark mode, right.

The default light theme is always loaded, next if enabled the default dark theme and last a user theme.
So you can enforce the default dark / light mode by forcefully setting all variables from the default dark theme to their respective dark / light variant.

For reference: It should be this part in my theme:


That is, it is no longer shown in the blue theme at the beginning?

the blue startup screen will always stay like that, because it’s loaded before the client loads the custom scss.

V1.0.1 is out, changes can be found on github.

I would bring back the gradient, that makes the whole image a bit fresher, as long as the client lamps are adjusted.
Unfortunately a bug came along, If a client is Chanelcomander is his voice lamp is displayed as follows.


When a Chanel is moved the following bug appears (the blue lines do not disappear):

have you done a fresh install, since i have none of these problems on my side.

Yes, fresh installed.

Another thing is this:

I put a theme, but she doesn’t want to work in the client at all. Does not appear in the list, what could be the problem?

It is most likely a malformed package.json. You can use this: Validator and input you package.json file to check if it’s correct.

it shows that everything is fine. I can’t use these themes. Perhaps they are outdated?

Make sure the theme is installed in the correct location. On Linux it needs to be .config/TeamSpeak/Default/extensions/ where Default needs to be the profile you are using (don’t worry about it if you don’t use multiple TeamSpeak profiles).

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so other topics are put and this one is not.

I made several small changes and squashed some bugs in the new version.
Only for Dark Nue, others will be uploaded later in the day.


Awesome, but i need more updates and faster fixes pls :grin:

anyone wants an updated version?

Sorry for the absence on my part, been busy with life and work.

But there’s hope, light at the end of the tunnel :sunny:

I’ve been fixing old bugs with the skins to support the latest version, I’m also including Light/Dark version to automatically detect Windows Theme, and releasing some new skins very soon!
And a live update version since TeamSpeak still hasn’t implemented that yet.

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:


hyepd ngl

updated version: [Theme] TS5 Nue. Style (WIP)