Windows 11 inspired Light/Dark Skin for TS5

Shiina's Skin
A Windows 11 inspired TS5 Skin
This skin I made is to match the new upcoming changes to windows 11.
There’s a lot of acrylic effects going on and the feel of a fresh modern UI with a pretty
gradient blur look at the background.

The skin can be downloaded from github here

Then unzip the folder com.shiinaskins.teamspeak to: AppData\Roaming\TeamSpeak\Default\extensions

Head over to Settings > Appearance and toggle use theme and look for the Shiina’s Dark/Light Skin under the use a 3rd party theme and select the one you want to use.

Light Green

Light Purple

Dark Green

Dark Purple

The background images seen above in the screenshots can be removed or replaced to your own liking.

Here I will keep the upcoming feature changes up to date,
so check back once in a while to see what’s new and what’s coming!

  • Live Updates
  • Better performance/organized files
  • Easier to edit files to modify the skin to your liking.
  • Custom Theme

There’s a collection of links used to the skin.


  • Shiina


  • TeamSpeak Team for their amazing work on TeamSpeak 5.
  • Community for their lovely feedback to make TeamSpeak 5 better for everyone!

I kinda dig this part, what you did with the servers, looks nice.



Download is available at: AikoMidori/TeamSpeak-5-Dark: A Light and Dark Skin for TeamSpeak 5 Client (

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Looks really nice

I wrote a few suggestions for improvement and bugs about the GitHub Issues.

Thanks! i’ll check it out.

First of all I LOVE your design (especially the servers), BUT what I don’t like are the anime girls in the background. Could you publish a version without those?

You can remove them in the CSS File or delete the pictures in the folder

Well, next time you should actually try it before you suggest it to others. You can delete just some of them, the others are in the main file itself. Deleting them was my first idea too.

You need to restart TS (I tried it)

I did, but have a look at the start menu for example

What is wrong here?

For those questioning about the images, they can be removed from within the .css files, i’ll publish a version in the future without the images.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Added a readme file on github and updated the client with the latest changes, both light and dark version.

For those who wish to use another image or none at all, please check out the readme.

how do you feel about neumorphism?

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Will be working and updating it soon with all the latest changes :slight_smile:

love to see this! Hope you are ready for upcoming updates. But can you pls add morge colors like (dark with cyan oder blue accent) :slight_smile: very great work!

Updated github with the latest changes and bug fixes.
Also included a new skin Nue

If there are any consistent bugs or un-themed elements, please let me know.

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