Windows 11 & Team speak 3 (and Teamspeak 5) Losing Connection

Just updated to Windows 11 and now every time i connect to Teamspeak (3 & 5) it connects for about 20 seconds then i loose connection (team speak 5 auto reconects buit then there is two instances of myself and one will finally time out)

any help


It work fine for me, check your internet connection. can you show log files?

Do you mean the MyTeamSpeak Service or a TeamSpeak3 Server?

I can connect with no problems to the teamspeak Public test server

but when connecting to our gaming server it says ping “calculating” and kicks me after 20 seconds

I have port forwarded the team speak Require ports but still it kicks me

This is the connection to the public server . NOTE the Ping

This is the Connection to the server im trying to connect to Ping - Calculating

Please show us the logs of both Clients. :slight_smile:

But anyway it could be many reasons why you are loosing the connection:

  • Your ping or packet loss to that server is to high.
  • Your firewall or security center does block the traffic to that server. Maybe your settings need to a change here?
  • Your router detects the traffic as spam or as an attack. Please check that there is nothing like this running.
  • You could try to disable such settings for testing or set your LAN Ip to DMZ ( Remove DMZ after testing!!! )
  • Maybe your W-Lan conenction is not that good? Try a Lan cable instead for testing.
  • The servers ping or packet loss is for your connection is to high.
  • The server does have more then 1 IP and the hoster did nothing yet, to bind one of his IP’s to his server.

Might be your router / firewall / security software blocking / limiting UDP traffic. Check your router (and other aforementioned suspects) for options related to flood protection / firewall / Ddos protection and disable them.

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Had this Issue a while ago, on Ts3 and Ts5 something was wrong with my Firewall.

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