Windows client uses undocumented integrity level by default

The Windows client assigns itself an integrity level during startup of S-1-16-8208. The RID (actual integrity level) of this in hex is 0x2010, and the most similar well-known integrity level is 0x2100 (Medium-Plus). Because of this similarity, I suspect it was merely a typo, and it still behaves as expected, however is still technically undocumented, as nowhere in the Windows documentation does it state that the integrity level RID can be an arbitrary integer.

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The value isn’t set manually, the base value is modified by ‘UIAccess’ being enabled. That’s for the context of global hotkey support in games.
That is why, given a specific game, hotkeys may work if TS is installed in Program Files, but not on e.g. C:\portable\ts - for this elevation to be of effect, installation in a secure location is required (unless windows is configured otherwise).

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