Windows notification when closing TS5 Beta


Everytime I close Teamspeak using mouse shortcut (simulation of Alt+F4) I got this pop-up.
Is it possible to “disable” this notification like in TS3 version?


I don’t know if there is a way to disable specific Notifications but:

you can disable Notifications from Teamspeak or
all Windows Notifications.

This is because you enabled the setting to not exit the application, even though you asked it to close by clicking the X button / pressing Alt+F4.
It is intended to remind you that the option is enabled and that the application did not exit when you requested it to.
You can disable the option in the Settings -> Behavior, so that the application behaves as generally expected from applications (exiting when closing it).
This notification cannot be disabled individually at this point in time, other than choosing Never or Minimize in the respective option in Settings -> Behavior.