With mic off, others can hear game noise from me

I run TS 3.5.2 and play a Flight Sim specifically for gliders called ‘Condor 2’. I use a Sennheiser headset, one of their most basic ones, and use it for chat with other players in Condor. The headset has an inline volume control and on/off switch. With the switch in ‘On’ position, others can hear my voice. I run TS3 with Capture set to Voice Actuation (VOX) and it works fine. But if I switch to ‘Off’ the others cannot hear me (as expected and desired) but they CAN hear noises emanating from the glider cockpit. Gliders have an instrument called a Vario which indicates rate of climb or descent, and it has a beeping tone when you are climbing. So they can hear my vario, which is very annoying for them as they want to only hear their own vario! As the mic is muted by the switch, I don’t understand where the vario beeping is being passed to them. There are no other microphones on the computer so it must be intercepting the signal in Windows somewhere (Win10). Any ideas where or how I can stop this from happening? Thanks, Bernie.

I fixed this by assigning a keyboard key to do the muting as a hotkey in TS3, rather than the switch on the headset. All works nicely now.

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