WM_CLASS is not set on TS5 client

The X window property WM_CLASS is not set on TS5 beta client which causes Gnome not being able to find the correct window and display the icon set in the .desktop file in the taskbar and other places correctly. The fix should be relatively trivial to implement.

Here is a good explanation why it should be set: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1060170/xdotool-what-are-class-and-classname-for-a-window

I’m running PopOS 21.04 with Gnome 3.38 and the TS5 beta 64 client.

I’ve created a new topic instead of posting inside one of the already existing for visibility. The issue is most likely related to

I’ve created a support ticket but was suggested to post here instead: https://support.teamspeak.com/hc/en-us/requests/49776

As you already found the problem was mentioned in this forum already and I raised the problem in other ways including the actions needed to solve it, too.
It seems TS simply don’t care about there linux version. As long as it doesn’t crash immediately it seems to be not fix worthy…

Also I am pretty sure it should be WM_CLASS.

Yes, it’s WM_CLASS. Corrected it, thanks.

Even if I don’t like it, from an economic standpoint it does not make much sense to put many resources in supporting the Linux client as the large majority of users are running Windows.
With Discord decimating the TeamSpeak user base and TS5 still not ready they might have other issues to worry about than fixing a minor visual bug. It may be small enough to be considered for one of the next patches. We’ll see.

Here’s my massively overengineered solution if anyone cares: https://github.com/johlandabee/tswm
Might blow up your machine, who knows.

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