Wrong identity loaded when logging in

When logging into teamspeak after wiping my computer I was unable to load the correct identity. The identity was still set a synch on my phone but as soon as i reconnected it with my account on my phone it got swapped for the wrong one. Can this old identity be reset or is there something i can do with the recovery code (it is from februari so i dont know if it is the correct one)

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You need to set the desired identity as default in the identity manager.

But this won’t work when in your account one is set as default and a local is the one you want as default. The synced one has priority in that case.

So login to your account and set the one you want as the new default (but not a local un-synced identity!).

(OR set a desired identity in your bookmark, when a local one should stay Default but not for this one bookmark)

Sorry for the late reply