Wrong OS detection

When trying to install Teamspeak 3 Client on my Windows 10 computer, this error shows up : “Windows XP is not supported in this version. Teamspeak requires at least Windows Vista.”
Does someone know a solution ?
Thanks !

You do not have Windows 10 or compatibility mode running or a modified windows version where version output is wrong.


I have windows 10, it’s not modified, I downloaded it directly from Microsoft website.

And here, compatibility mode (“Mode de compatibilité” in the picture) is not checked…

Press the bottom button with the shield at the bottom of that window in your last image and make sure it isn’t set to compatibility mode in the windows that pops up, otherwise you probably have something that fakes your Windows version installed globally.

Yeah, it is not set there either… Do you have an idea of what type of thing could fake my Windows version ?