Yatqa accounts

Hello, I want to open a yatqa account that can only manage port 9988. Can you show me how to do this? illustrated

I created a serverquery account, but I can’t manage the server

For the Error code, 1541 is an internal limit of 9203 bytes (TeamSpeak - Official TeamSpeak Community Forum) for the most commands (except most permission commands and snapshot deploy). I guess this limit is applied to the commands used internally by the snapshot deploy features as well. For example, if you make a channel with the maximum description length and the maximum topic length, this should result in the corresponding channel create command exceeding the limit of 9203 bytes, because the creation command is longer than the editing command.

You can watch Documentation in your root docs path .

My problem is I can’t login to the yatqa account I created on port 9988.
I didn’t see any article about it in what you said.

And what is the error message? login failed or an error?

i posted as photo above

Your picture does not show anything login related!

That picture only shows that command use was used. But not what really was send to the server to trigger this error. Use can not trigger that error.

… I love the misleading error messages YatQa gives their users …

It could be that YatQa logins with a name that is connected already and this could give the error.
Option 1 contact the support from YatQa or read their manual or do not go on using it to make sure you know the command you entered.