You are not connected to the messenger services/disconnected

I haven’t paid close attention recently, but my client appears to not be connecting to messenger services. It shows Disconnected and when hovering over the status (wifi icon) in the bottom of the left pane just shows Reconnecting. I’m wondering how I can go about troubleshooting this or if it’s something I won’t be able to fix. Thanks!

I had the same error, after a few tries which I will describe here it should work again. If your problem didn’t solve:
make sure nothing is blocking the connection from TeamSpeak
(ping the necessary IP-Addresses and see if you can reach them)
restart your Router
clear your TeamSpeak Cache folder
if everything else didn’t work try to rename your settings.db (you need to log in again after that)

make sure to attach any logs here for other users, to facilitate the assistance.