'You are not connected to the messenger services' issue

hello! new user here, i just downloaded it and did my keybindings etc. only to see that i cannot create or join to groupchats with friends because of this connection issue.

i looked through old topic but couldnt find a solution.

I’m having the exact same issue.

same impossible to connect for me

and a friend also tried we have the same problem!

what to do Teamspeak

Looks like some kind of error on their servers. This errors keeps repeating in the logs for me.

[2024-06-23 20:56:29.279] [warning] Error contacting URL https://clientapi.myteamspeak.com/tschat: Canceled: Read
[2024-06-23 20:56:29.279] [warning] failed to request new tschat credentials - connection error: 1 - All servers failed

I’m also having problems trying to login in the website, were I don’t get any error but throws me back to the login screen as soon as I login.

Hey there, we had a small problem/outage with one of our services yesterday evening, which caused this error in TeamSpeak.

The problem has been resolved later that day.

We apologize for the inconvenience.