You can give me a beta code?

Hi ,

I’m looking for a guy who can give me a beta code for the ts5
add me on discord (There is a 1vs1)

Pls Thanks To give it!

Current codes are unredeemable. Even if someone gives you one, you can’t use it.

oh not cool but thanks for information!

Hello, I advise you to follow the social networks.

But there will be a 2nd Beta Wave soon. So keep an eye on their Social Media Channels and Community Pages. :wink:

The question is very brazen, first asking for a beta key in the “TeamSpeak Community”, and then you want that someone add you on Discord to give you a TeamSpeak5 beta key?
Ok… :roll_eyes:


Does anyone know the ETA of when TS will give out new keys? If not then what is your prediction?

Sorry, at the Moment nobody can tell an ETA for the 2nd Beta Wave, we have to wait. :slight_smile:

They will inform us over the Social Media Channels or in the Community Forum. :slight_smile:


Yeah, a lot of people seem to really want to get away from Discord atm. Let’s hope TeamSpeak comes out at the right time, fingers crossed that is soon.

Why do people want to go away from Discord? Never used Discord so I’m not up to date with what is happening.

Its mostly just privacy concerns.

Suddenly :smiley:

check for the “discord spyware” and thank me later


Mreh, can’t wait after that things over spyware page