You messed up your Admin Group or Permissions?

You have several ways to get this fixed.

  1. Have another Admin group where permissions are fine and a user in that group can fix these in your group

  2. Have access to the ServerQuery / WebQuery and the serveradmin login and do one of the next steps.

For the ServerQuery you can open a telnet connection to port 10011 or SSH connection to port 10022.
For the WebQuery you connect to Port 10080 for HTTP or 10443 for HTTPS.

After you logged in send the command help to get all commands that you can use.
Send command help permreset as an example and you get all needed information about the permreset command.

As said above you only need one of the next steps!

  • Add missing permissions back via command servergroupaddperm

  • With command servergroupcopy you can copy a template group and overwrite the permissions from your admin group.
    You need to find the original Server Admin group (by default sgid=3) with command servergrouplist and then you send the command like in following example.
    servergroupcopy ssgid=3 tsgid=134 name=xyz type=1

  • Reset all (group, client and channel) permissions with command permreset

What happens exactly after command permreset
  • Stops the virtual server
  • Removes all permissions from users and channels
  • Deletes all server and channel groups
  • Recreates all default groups from server instance template
  • Creates a privilege key for the Server Admin group
  • Starts the server

This will not be touched and stays as it was:

  • Users and their avatar (will only lose permissions as mentioned above)
  • Channels and their settings (except channel permissions and icon setting)
  • Server settings
  • Stored files on server / In channel
  1. In case you do not have access to the Query or do not know the login
    Ask the host/owner of the server to do it or start from scratch by deleting the server database.

I have to do a permissions reset on my teamspeak server because someone broke admin servergroup (I can’t change anymore subscribe permissions on channels). I’m not hosting the server on my own. I’ve bought it and I don’t have serverquery username/password.
Is there a way to export all servergruops, reset servergroups and then import all servergroups except admin? There are a lot of groups and icons.
I can reset permissions thanks to the webpanel, but i will lose everything,
Thank you

I suggest that you use the servergroupcopy command instead of doing a permreset.

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I was setting up a TS Server with a friend, and stupidly we deleted the ServerAdmin Group instead of just renaming it to the desired name.

Now we can’t grant the new group all permissions and we now face insufficient permissions for most actions.

My main question today, is if there is anyway to give the group all permissions OR restore the Server Admin Group.
I own the system of which the TS3 Server is running on, and I have root permissions.



What I did:

  1. Logged into Server Query from Putty
  2. used “servergrouplist” command
  3. found Server Admin Group, and noted its sgid (of which is 3)
  4. copied the group using “servergroupcopy”
    example: ‘servergroupcopy ssgid=3 tsgid=0 type=1 name=ServerAdmin sgid=13’
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