Zeus Promover plugin

What this does
Moves everyone in a channel family into a channel that you select

How to use
Right click in the channel you want to move everyone to and select the “Pro Mover” / “Move channel family clients to channel”

drop the dll into your plugins folder and then look in options/addons to enable it if it doesn’t auto enable



I run a gaming community (Mainly playing Arma) and after each mission where we would split off into several different squad, vehicle crew channels etc I wanted a way to move everyone back into a briefing channel ready for the next mission.
Nothing really existed that could do this and fortunately my son is a programmer, so he made a little dll for me
I thought i would share the file with you, incase others find it of interest
yes its a dll, i don’t have the source code, either use it or don’t
I very much doubt this will ever be updated, I have been using it for many months now
I have zipped it up on our website the link is


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