2Q's - multiple clients and streamdeck control

New to the community, so hiiii everybody!!

I’ve got a couple of questions!

Have tried to run multiple instances of TS using the -nosingleinstance in the shortcut (or commandline) - and while I can have lots of TS clients open, I can’t seem to be able to have different audio settings for each client (it seems to be global, and any changes to one instance seems to change the others)
ie. instance 1 - headset 1, instance 2 - headset 2, etc.

Does anyone know if I can run multiple instances of TS, but assign different audio devices?

Onto question number two.

I’ve used the ZerGo0 TS3 plugin for Streamdeck - but wondered if anyone has figured out how to do user volume control?

Ideally I want to have an upvolume/down volume button for specific users. Plus a key that could be a whisper PTT or a whisper VOX toggle?

In TS3 you can create new Capture And/Or playback profiles.
In each profile you can set another device.

Now in each bookmark you can select these profiles and you got different devices per tab.


This worked perfectly thanks for the capture device info :+1:

Does anyone know if there’s a way to control teamspeak volume levels (for individual users in a channel) and PTT type shortcuts?


Am guessing with no replies about volume control it means there’s no way of doing this?

I’ve had a look through shortcut keys and nothing has jumped out at me, so guessing I need to request this feature?!

I don’t know a solution to change the volume of users outside of the TeamSpeak Client.

In terms of requesting the feature… That can/could be added to TeamSpeak 5. The TeamSpeak 3 Client has more or less reached its end of life regarding development and will not receive feature updates. As far as I know it will continue to receive Security patches.

If this will be added to TeamSpeak 5, I could have a look at it and try to implementing it into my TeamSpeak 5 Stream Deck Plugin.

Note: Audio Profiles are not added (yet) to TeamSpeak 5

Ah nice, yea I’ve not really used TeamSpeak 5 so will have a play around.

I will also submit it as a feature request, and hopefully can get it implemented with your plugin :+1: :+1: :nerd_face:

Thanks for the reply!