Feature Request - controlling individual/specific user volume

Hi there,

After asking some questions and a brief conversation - 2Q's - multiple clients and streamdeck control

I have a feature request, that hopefully @LeonMarcelHD can further integrate into his StreamDeck plugin if my request can be facilitated!!

I would like the ability to +/- dB to individual users within a channel.

I expect if/once this feature is added, Leon can quickly add a +/- vol for each user as a button on his StreamDeck plugin :nerd_face:

I’d also like to add a PTT/ latch to specific users - but think I can achieve this by whisper feature :+1:

That „PTT latch“ sounds exactly like the whisper function🤨.

By the way you should send your feature request on Leon‘s GitHub page or at least in his topic since this is the official TeamSpeak forum for technical support.

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That is a feature request for the TeamSpeak Client as that is currently not possible as I’m limited to the features of the Remote Apps.

I completely agree with Cornelius.

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