3.6.0 - Can't send message in channel chat

with this new ts3 update 3.6.0, when the settings “Open channel chat automatically” is enabled, by joining to a server with a motd, this message will be sent to channel chat (bug).
this bug prevent the client to send any chat message in all channels.

With a fresh install (no plugin, no theme, no myteamspeak account) and this setting enabled, the bug is present.

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Thank you for the report.

We can reproduce this bug where message is not send when at least a host or welcome message is set.



Beta 3.6.1 was released and has a fix for your chat issue


hello when i log on my server , the tbot is not opening the default channel so i cant do any commands , can u help me please

Hi, this thread is an old bug report.
I don’t know if admin will delete this msg, I’ll suggest you to open a new thread.

What do you mean whey you said that the bot dont open the default channel?
Is it not connecting to the default ts channel?
Usually bots can accepts command also via private messages