3.6.0 – Sound peaking problem

Downgrading to 3.5.6 fixes the problem 100% for me. My friend is still on 3.6.0, yet I hear him without the weird noise. But looks like I was wrong about both clients needing to be on 3.6.0, because my friend still hears the noise when I start/stop my stream while making sound. And I don’t think it’s about a “voice/loudness peak”, this sounds like a separate noise being added (refer to the audio clip I posted above).

My friend and I are using push-to-talk, and he has no DSP enabled, while I have remove background noise turned on (below max) and typing attenuation + echo cancellation.

Could it be this is being caused by the TS server version? The server we’re talking on is probably quite old at this point, version 3.13.7 (Windows).

Oh, actually 3.13.7 is the latest version of the server, lol. Maybe that’s the problem? Are you also testing on TS Server v3.13.7?

Edit: nvm, Tried on a server running 3.3.1 and still hear the issue. Seems client-side.

Thank you for the answer

  • The second question about Digital Sound Processing is important and unanswered.

  • Please turn off Echo Dämpfung as long you do not use any speaker.


My mates aren’t using echo cancellation. I have activated it since i use speakers.

For testing i upgraded to 3.6.0 and turned off echo cancellation. → No changes

Then I turned off typing attenuation → No changes.

Then I turned off remove background noices → still occures

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To avoid any misunderstandings:
So your mates still hear that peaking sound from you, when you turned off any or all of these settings?


Yes. Somehow, there was a timespan where it appeared less after turning everything off. But not 100% sure.
After i turned off remove background noices my mate heared it less. But then i turned it on again and he still heared it less. So it was kinda weird.

I have to agree here :woozy_face:


Im using TS5 client Update 5.0.0-beta74

Audio settings:

And the poping I keep hearing:
Direct Link To MP3

Tried latest TS3 client, could still hear it. Tried turning AGC on and AGC Experimental, did not help. I would say the pops occur 80% of times when someone starts speaking.

As this is driving me completely insane please let me know if i could provide more info or test something to get this fixed asap.

@TS.ChrisR This sound (posted by @Bluestar above) is not the same kind of sound I’m hearing. I had a feeling this was not grouped properly. This topic should be split into separate issues. Thanks for the recording by the way Bluestar.

@Bluestar important is if the sender (the one you hear) has changed his settings as requested in

@speakmanbro but your report matches what has been reported before and we are now trying to find out if the sender is the issue (see the link above)

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Maybe but if you listen to the two audio clips, the sound TS adds is very different in both cases (and when my friend hears me, he hears the same sound that I hear when he’s talking, so I don’t think it’s something specific to one mic setup vs another). Maybe it’s a similar issue with two different ways of manifesting, I don’t know.

I will say I have had constant problems with the auto gain function like some other people reported, where it turns people down for up to 30 seconds as their volume slowly increases, while still allowing giant volume spikes through when they suddenly yell something (different issue than what’s being discussed here). This seems to have gotten a worse with each new version. Have you guys considered adding a lookahead delay to it so that it can catch big spikes in volume? The amount needed might not be more than 5 milliseconds, which would be negligeable considering internet latency.

So my friend tried the settings but the issue did not dissapear.
Downgrading to version 3.5.6 however did fix it.

So it indeed seems to be the issue on the sender side.

PS. Both latest clients (TS3;TS5) have the poping issue.

I’m pretty sure this is not on the sender side now, since we tested more thoroughly with a friend who’s running 3.5.6 and we could still hear the chirp noise when this friend was turning their mic on and off rapidly while speaking (with push-to-talk, with release delay disabled). Also, my friend went into a channel with 16 people and started doing it until they yelled at him to stop, because many of them could hear it (except the people who were still on 3.5.6).

Tried the TS 5 beta client, same problem.

Also, if you look at the waveform of the clip I posted, when the noise happens you can see a high frequency component fading in towards the end:

Not sure if that’s helpful at all though.

This test your friend made pretty much does proves the opposite.

Sure own AGC can be an issue two, but it’s expected to get distorted when someone cuts himself on and off all the time.


The chirp is identified (reproducible) on the listener.

No matter if sender is on 3.3.2 or 3.5.6 or 3.6.0, as long i as the listener use 3.6.0 i can hear a chirp nearly all the time at the end of transmission or start when end and start are near to each other.

Edit end

TS5 has the same issue. It’s the same state of the Audio Code. But now was also updated into client 3.6.0.


Yes! Thank you for reproducing. So you have a starting point to try finding a fix now?

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Nice that apparently something was found. Unfortunately, the whole does not coincide with my experience. A few days ago I had with a mate also the sound issues described here. It sounded exactly like in Bluestar his recording. I asked my mate if he changed anything in his sound settings. He said he had not changed anything except installed the new ts3 update 3.6.0. As soon as he spoke, it sounded like he was extremely loud for a fraction of a second. Literally like a crackle. He then immediately downgraded to 3.5.6 and the problem was gone. We suspected after successful testing with 3.5.6 that the AGC was changed in 3.6.0. After we tested this again with 3.6.0 on his side and without any AGC, this theory proved to be wrong. No matter what he configured, the sound problem persisted. As soon as he switched back to 3.5.6 everything was great again.

I myself, use all the time version 3.5.6. So this was definitely 100% a problem in version 3.6.0 on his (sender) side.

A few days ago, someone else who also uses the same teamspeak 3 server reported that his mate also has such sound problems for a few days. When I asked if his mate had updated to 3.6.0, he said yes. After his mate switched back to 3.5.6, the problem also disappeared. He himself had installed 3.5.6 the whole time, just like me.

It reads like there are two different problems here.


Yes, probably two different issues.

Can confirm that it was exactly same here. 3.5.6 fixed the issue. AGC did not.

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