Accidentally deleted my identity

@TS.ChrisR i accidentally deleted the wrong identity i had several and i deleted the one that was actually very important to me is there any way to get it back?

Sure with a backup of your client’s settings.db file or when you did export the identity before deleting it.

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@TS.ChrisR Does it matter if I deleted the configuration while reinstalling, they didn’t want the hotkeys to work on that profile, and when I went back to the default settings, everything worked, but I don’t have indents and I have my acc logged in

Depends. There are scenarios where your old stuff is gone or still there.


  • Synchronisation wasn’t enabled before
  • Sync was enabled but identity wasn’t placed to be synced
  • Sync was enabled and identity was synced, but you deleted the identity
  • No myTeamSpeak login was used. So no sync feature was given
  • Password reset without using recovery key and database was deleted before

Not gone:

  • Identity shows up in your client after or before you logged to your account because nothing from above is the case.
  • You got a backup of the settings.db or did export the identity before

and what can I do about it.

I only have this one file, is it the one you are referring to and where should I transfer it if it is about him or should there be more because I looked at others there are more than one?

That settings file is the settings.db file I wrote about.
But you wrote, that you deleted your configuration (which is the settings.db) when uninstalling. So this file doesn’t have any old data.

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