TeamSpeak 3 deleted my identities

I reseted my TS3 password, and now I don’t have any identities or markers. Help, please!



Hi D0mm4S! Thank you so much for the answer. I have saved a key, where do I have to put it?

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In TS3 on the bottom you see an error icon or get a popup telling you that account couldn’t get encrypted.

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Thank you SO much!
I used my iPhone to put there de key, and now I have all my identities, markers and my permissions.

I love you all. Good luck.


what do i do if i did NOT get this notification?
I still have my recovery key and have reset my password. But the client did not give me the notification. Even when i had to relog he just accepted the new password without any notifications. How can i recover my settings AND or Identitys?

Nevermind, i found the answer in another Thread.
The small exclamation mark in the lower right corner was the solution ^^.
There i could enter my key.

Great. was just typing a reply :slight_smile:

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