Addons and API

Hello Guys, my Question is in this Post why Teamspeak dont remove old api Plugins who doesnt work anymore or dont write new plugins about the same thing again?

Please move forwards to Regarding the hosting of addons
Old add-ons won’t get removed right now.

Most Plugins are not written by TeamSpeak themself. They mainly publish. The author is responsible for keeping the plugin up to date. Sometimes if the source code is public some one else takes it upon himself to update the plugin.
Also @MCG they don’t… I don’t know what Adam talked about with the devs (no one knows).
You can just hope they will someday in the far future start accepting updates again…

Yes but why Teamspeak dont delete these plugins and ask the publisher to write a new one?

because the publisher may can lose their badges…

No they dont because they written a plugin.

Well there may still be people using outdated client versions. Also as long as this is a thing:

(this was on March 10th - almost 3 months ago)
It would make absolutely no sense to force anyone to update plugins when they won’t be ‘released’ for the next few months…

The Problem is that if you update to a new version and want to use this plugin you cant because its not available!

I’ve asked the support a year ago, if peoples can keep their badges or not. This is an automatically process, so no. But maybe they’ll re-edit it.

The thing is that they dont in the end they every time update their client and the publisher need to rewrite it again,why they cant finde a solution to not change their plugins?

Code moves on. So it makes sense to update the plugin API every once in a while. However I have to agree a little more backwards compatibility would be great.
But every plugin that is available with API version 24 should work for decently long. The actual TS3 development seems to have almost ceased. It seems the main TS3 goal at the moment is to move it closer to TS5 while not changing a lot of the core functionalities.

Mostly it’s enough to recompile - no need to rewrite everything.

Yes but the most plugins that i would like to use are not working anymore