Another aestethic suggestion

I’m the guy who complained about the switch’s lit blue line in the options (Settings Layout) some times ago.
I’m once again here for a suggestion about the client: the cursor.
Usually we have the normal cursor (this) and, when we are pointing a clickable thing, the pointer one (this).
The problem is that in the client it doesn’t always appear. A quick example: if i go in settings>account and i point on “logout” the hand pointer appears, but if i point on “change password” or “new recovery key” it doesn’t appear.
I think it should always appear when i’m pointing something clickable.
Speaking personaly, when beta 53 came out and the notificiation message “a new update is avaiable” appears, it took me a while to realize I could click it, because there wasn’t the pointer cursor.
Hope you agree with my suggestion.
Thank you in advance for the attention.