Settings Layout

I’ve tried the new teamspeak client for a while: i really like it, except for the settings panel.
The problem is not how it is organized, but how the varius items are paginated.
I personally miss “demarcation lines” among options and i think that there isn’t enough difference between a turned on switch and a turned off one.
I have to watch closely to see if an option is active or not, but i think it should be more intuitive.
I’m sorry if my english is not fully undertandable, but also for this reason i used photoshop to create images that can give you an idea of what i’m talking about and how i’d change it.
I know that this is just my point of view, so feel free to disagree with my suggestions.
Thank you in advance for the attention.

Lines among options:

Modified switchs:

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I personally agree with the switches. The lit blue line could be irritating.
But i think space is enough and the lines to separate options is to much.

Will forward your suggestion and then we will discuss this infernally.