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I am not spreading false information. This is what is said on development updates:
TeamSpeak Development Status Update clearly tells us TeamSpeak v5 is using Matrix, so that kind of compatibility is possible only in two ways:
*TeamSpeak 5 seamlessly falls back to TeamSpeak 3 protocol when speaking to a TS3 server (this is indeed possible).
*TeamSpeak 3 protocol is a forwards-compatible predecessor of Matrix protocol (which, as we know, is not true).

its okay but there is no other server , just teamspeak server and you can connect with both client.
I apologize if I misunderstood what you say. my native language is not the english.

We use the Matrix protocol only for the messenger part.
The rest does not require a different TeamSpeak server.


Can I still get a beta key?

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Yes, just register on


Just a quick heads up! There is some keys being given away on Twitter and Facebook. Every couple of days a new challenge will appear to hopefully cater to different interests!



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When will you start sending keys to all people?

As soon as we receive an update on this, I’ll let everyone know when to start checking their inboxes.


Been using ts3 for so many years. Very proud of y’all taking this on. Looks so good. Can’t wait to use it as my main comms for valorant scrims. <#

Hi guys.

Someone know how i can reg. me for the new Ts?
Or still on Closed status?

have a nice day

Beta signup is open again! If you want to test-drive the upcoming TeamSpeak Client, then head over to and add your name to the waiting list.

We hope to hear you soon!


Thx for the fast reply.

Hope ill get soon a E-Mail :slight_smile:

teamspeak got it both now, the best voicechat available and a client from this millenium,
gonna love talking people back into ts after i convinced them switching to discord.

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Just a quick message - We’re going to wait until the majority of the staff have returned from their holidays before we begin to send the keys out. This is purely just to make sure that if something goes wrong (which we don’t think it will) then we have the support needed to cover these scenario’s if they occur. I’m just mentioning this so people don’t keep checking their inboxes or break their F5 keys. Once we begin to send these out, we’ll update this post and our social media to inform people of when to start checking.


How long does it take for one to be accepted to the BETA program? And does everybody get accepted?

Read this topic:
Beta signup - Announcements - TeamSpeak

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Danke vür die info

only i feel a little funny that new users lament the best about how long they have been waiting for their beta key? :smiley:
(do not take it as an insult, its just a little funny)

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