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Just for the mod team awareness. I have signed up for the beta program. I am a TS2 / TS3 user for the past 20 years. I have been running a TS2/TS3 server since probably around 2006 through I’m sharing this not to rush beta access but more just to say whenever the dev team is looking to test integration with 3rd party hosting providers, let me know and I’ll be happy to test from my gameservers side.


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I need you in my life. Discord is grossing me out. Kappa

Just waiting so many years, that TS 5 will be finished.
Got no Beta Key from f… anywhere. And now it´s the beginning of 2021. Wow!

Im just so disappointed and annoyed, that there´s no way to get any entry, testing the Beta-Version. No official Release-Date nothing… sucks so hard!

This will be a Never-Ending Story?!?1

Don´t know how to think about Teamspeak right now…

At the moment you have the possibility to join the waiting list for the beta access via the TeamSpeak Content Portal.
You can find more information about this in Beta signup - Announcements - TeamSpeak.


sa me rapel fortement un jeux nommé Identity, ils nous parle de bon contenu nous font envie mais au final toujours rien, j’attend aussi depuis un bon nombre d’année l’ouverture des inscription Bêta et toujours rien nul part. donc je suis extrement déçu de leurs part .

First of all the forum language is English!

If you have been waiting for a long time for the. Beta, you can now put yourself - as I wrote above - via with your myTeamSpeak account on the waiting list.

Ah I’m really sorry I’ll speak in English now thank you.

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waited so many years, wait a little more dude =)

I’m hoping to learn more about the beta registration keys in the following days now that the whole team have returned from their holidays. Once I have definite information I will update this post.


Let’s be honest here… 2 times a day easy right? xD

Just look at Beta signup. There you will find all the important information you need.


I’m curious why some people are so eager to get their hands on an unfinished piece of software. What makes you think that you “need” the beta right now?

It lies within the nature of a beta version that some things don’t work right yet and you may be in for a big disappointment if you let your expectations rise too high.

I’m aware that this closed beta is taking way longer than people hoped for but I don’t think you are doing yourself a favor if you waste a significant portion of your free time on trying to somehow gain access to it.

What got you that hyped? Is there a defining feature of the new client which you just can’t wait to see in action? Do you know someone who already got the new client and you can’t wait to have a group conversation?

And what would you do if you were the only one among your friends who actually got a beta code?

Let me know.


i only want it cause discord is a bit demanding i also really want it cause two of my main friends has it and it has better security and better voice quality im mainly hyped for the eseair way of setting the server up without fiddling to much around :slight_smile:

Better “security” and “voice quality” (the way I interpret those words) are core features of the TeamSpeak platform which don’t require the new client version.

The beta TeamSpeak client basically uses the same security features and audio codecs as the old client generation. You don’t have to wait for those. You can start using TeamSpeak 3 right away.

The only things you would miss out on at this point are the new UI (but you can install third party themes in TeamSpeak 3) and the new global chat features.

Also, the current server generation is still version 3. It’s the same server you would use with a TeamSpeak 3 client. The way you set that up didn’t change.

The “easy to setup” free TeamSpeak servers you are probably referring to went through some testing but are not currently available. See this thread.

For me,

I want to move my discord channel over to TeamSpeak
But adoption would be easiest if we could have access to the new UI.
Regardless of the fact that it is in Beta - this is not something that would we would judge it for or be bothered by.

Also we do understand that the devs don’t want to receive 100 bug reports for the same bug.
At least for my channel in particular, we would act responsibly in that if we did report a bug, to only report it once.

For us - the biggest feature we LOVE TeamSpeak for that Discord doesn’t have (and has been asked to add it, but never did.)
We need whisperlist.
Its necessary.

I hope the Beta has whisperlists :stuck_out_tongue:

Love you Teamspeak thank you so much for making this!

Right now, the Beta does not support whispers, but it’s being worked on.

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Remember to ask your community to all register individually for beta access. This way everyone can test this with you.


I am, thank you!

It’s a small community but we’re excited to join :slight_smile:

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Got any updates for us? As in sign up related emails? Just generally asking.

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