[Bug] automatic resume of videos is still not fully fixed!

As you can see here, the video auto resume bug still exists under some circumstances.

2020-02-04 01-34-15

It seems someone already addressed this issue here but didn’t get much attention.

[Suggestion] No Auto-Play for chat-linked-videos (i.e. Youtube)


Well, I doubt opening multiple topics about the same issue helps TeamSpeak to keep track of their bugs.

You might want to reply to that topic instead and delete this one?

Yes! You are totally right there but forum topics have this problem in general. A forum is just not a good way to report problems.

Nope, and here’s why:

  1. The first post didn’t really get any attention not because of the content but the phrasing.
  2. This topic is still linked in the original post so anyone visiting will find this.
  3. Multiple topics will hopefully make TeamSpeak realise how annoying this actually is.
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