[Bug / Question] Channel permission edit its not possible

Hello. It has been configured this way for a long time, it has not been touched for a very long time (only the server version has been updated) and I get this error back from one moment to the next.

The bad settings on my server? Or another error?

i_channel_modify_power is not i_channel_permission_modify power.
It’s intended that you can not edit permissions when only i_channel_modify_power is set.

This how you allow a group to modify channel permissions


Hey. Thank you but still not working. therefore I am not so beginner, all three are set up.

Um, no. The one you need to set up is i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power, which isn’t shown screenshot you provided. Check exactly permission name.

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Take a look in here:


Nicely explained by TS.ChrisR:

Grant is not the limitation of a permissions max value .
It restricts if you can assign / change / remove permisions.

i_permission_modify_power must be equal or higher than Grant the value of a permission.


Thank you for the reply, i found the problem. After the channel create the channel gets its own permission, which by default is not visible. and I had to found.
Its closable

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