Can i have the ts5 alpha?

hi i would like to ask if i could have the ts5 alpha wall it sounds very interesting. i heard about it through a friend and wanted to try it now.

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As the team announced back in may, that they we’re searching for new alpha testers, there was the chance to apply for the opportunity to test the new client prior to the beta testers.

The application thread: Alpha Testing?

Since those testers have already been picked, there is currently no official chance to become an alpha tester. The team will reach out to other users from time to time, who then will be invited to become an alpha tester. As Five_Alive said in the last post of this topic.

When you will be able to become an alpha tester is unknown. Just be patient and be an active member here and you might get invited. (Definetly not a guarantee)

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Thanks for comment :slight_smile:

Hi, maybe can open new Alpha testers? :slight_smile: Thanks!

Love from Poland! :heart:

There is already a Statement from @LeonMarcelHD

Please take have a look into this Thread: Can i have the ts5 alpha?

The current Alpha registrations are currently closed. And this is unknown if this will open again.

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