Can I remove my license before it expires and run server without it?

Hello dear Teamspeak Forum,

the paid license on my server is about to expire and I would like to downgrade the server to the free community version in advance. Are there any instructions on how to do this? Last year, when the annual license expired, I only got the server started again when I renewed the license.

I look forward to any tips!

Thank you very much and have a great holiday season!


You should make sure to reduce the slots to 32 so that you don’t need to edit it via ServerQuery.
If you forget to do that, you should follow these steps:

If you wanna be 100% you don’t loose your server, you can make a Snapshot with a ServerQuery client for example with YaTQA or by opening a normal Telnet connection (via Putty etc.)

When the Server cannot read your license as it then is expired, it should automatically continue without it and you should be able to use it with just 32 Slots.

Hey @LeonMarcelHD ,

thanks for your response!
I already edited the slots to a maximum of 30.
Can I remove the license beforehand so that the Teamspeak server runs immediately with the free license? The license expires during the Christmas period and I would like to avoid playing poker with it if possible. :slight_smile:


Yeah should be fine. You should be able to delete it without problems.